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Giant Superstore against Amazing Little One


In today’s discussion, we will delve into a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of running a profitable business.

To illustrate this point, I will share two enlightening anecdotes from my recent shopping experiences, highlighting the disparity between the Amazing Little Store and the Sluggish Giant.

As part of my profession, I engage in frequent shopping for various items.

In the past few months, I conducted a study on two grocery stores in a city called Forest City.

Let’s begin with the Sluggish Giant, a massive store belonging to a large chain.

Although we focus on a single branch for this story, the overall experience is representative.

The Sluggish Giant was designed with an emphasis on extensive selection and one-stop shopping convenience.

It encompasses departments such as pharmacy, electronics, housewares, bedding, and kitchenware, catering to everyday household needs.

This particular Sluggish Giant store is well-maintained, modern, and thoughtfully organized for public convenience.

Moreover, the prices are reasonable, and the store offers additional amenities like cooking classes, a fitness club, a dry cleaners, and a wine kiosk.

One could say that the overall “product” offered by the Sluggish Giant, including the building, the range of offerings, and the store environment, is excellent.

However, despite the store’s strengths in terms of products and pricing, I have several complaints about the Sluggish Giant.

These grievances do not concern the items they sell, their prices, or the basics such as a clean and tidy environment. I will address these complaints shortly.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the Amazing Little Store. This place has numerous positive aspects, but it is relatively small and limited in selection due to its size.

The Amazing Little Store lacks certain amenities like a pharmacy, wine store, dry cleaners, and departments for housewares and electronics.

It is not a one-stop shop where you can purchase everything you need.

However, despite its limitations, Mr. and Mrs. Affluent of Forest City shop regularly at the Amazing Little Store, contributing to its consistently crowded atmosphere.

The shopping carts are smaller versions of those found at the Sluggish Giant, necessary for maneuvering in the compact space.

While prices at the Amazing Little Store are slightly higher than average, they offer exceptional quality across all products.

The Amazing Little Store has a small flower shop, which includes higher-priced floral bouquets and arrangements, as well as a ready-to-go Sushi stand.

Their produce is notably fresher, larger, and more visually appealing. What sets this store apart is the abundance of staff members compared to other retailers.

For example, there are 16 people working behind the scenes in the salad area, crafting and selling fresh salads of various types.

One delightful feature of the Amazing Little Store is that customers can enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee while leisurely navigating the store with their miniature carts, ensuring they don’t miss any new and enticing food items.

Now, let’s extract the lesson from these contrasting narratives.

While the Sluggish Giant excels as a comprehensive supplier for household shoppers, their staff and customer service policies are nothing short of disastrous.

It is almost impossible for any customer to hold a positive view of them.

Many people continue to shop at the Sluggish Giant because it is conveniently located and offers nearly everything they need.

However, this does not imply that they would remain loyal if presented with another option that provides the same offerings.

The Sluggish Giant expects customers to be entirely self-reliant. They prioritize self-checkout systems, resulting in long queues.

Even if you opt for a cashier, the wait time is even longer.

Astonishingly, regardless of whether you use self-checkout or not, you are responsible for packing your own groceries.

They simply let the groceries accumulate on the conveyor belt, expecting customers to understand that they are supposed to perform part of the staff’s job by packing the items themselves.

This cost-saving measure aims to reduce labor expenses, which is a reasonable consideration for any well-run business.

However, even though the Sluggish Giant does not position itself as a “no-frills” environment with rock-bottom prices, it is perplexing that they expect customers to assist them in their quest for wage savings.

Shouldn’t they put more thought into their business approach? Personally, I am not inclined to lend them a hand, and I believe many others feel the same.

Let me share a specific incident that exemplifies the shortcomings of the Sluggish Giant’s customer service.

During one of my visits, an item I purchased was already ripped open at the bottom when it was scanned by the automated cashier.

It was evident that a customer could not have caused this damage. I approached the cashier and requested a replacement.

He acknowledged my request, but as no one came to assist, I reminded him after a few moments.

To my surprise, he casually suggested that I should go and get a replacement myself.

Given that I had expected him to call someone to address the issue, I expressed my dissatisfaction.

This exchange created quite a stir at the cashier’s desk, resulting in a minor incident.

What infuriated me further was that the cashier wore a smock with the words “Need Help? – Just Ask Me” boldly emblazoned on the back in large, colorful letters.

It was frustrating to witness how the staff seemed to have received training on how to offend customers.

Every encounter I had with the staff members indicated a need for significant attitude adjustments.

Unfortunately, it seems that there is no management personnel at the Sluggish Giant who truly comprehends the importance of addressing these issues.

They simply don’t grasp the significance of customer satisfaction.

I must admit that these experiences, although sad and irritating, shed light on an essential aspect of customer service delivery.

In contrast to the Sluggish Giant, the staff members at the Amazing Little Store make customers feel like long-lost family members.

The cashiers always wear a smile and convey a genuine sense of happiness that customers have chosen to shop there.

Here’s an astonishing fact: The Amazing Little Store boasts nine cash desks, each staffed by a cashier when needed. Why would they have such a surplus of cashiers?

Well, it’s probably to ensure that customers never have to wait in line to exit the store. They make me feel valued, appreciated, and they respect my time.

The lifetime value of a customer is what truly matters, and the Amazing Little Store has earned my loyalty for as long as I reside in this city.

Remember, it’s not just about the first sale; it’s the repeat purchases that establish a successful business model.

Savvy business owners understand that delivering exceptional customer service at every touchpoint is crucial.

Consider this: Acquiring a new customer costs a significant amount of money.

Have you ever calculated the expenses associated with advertising and other promotional activities to attract a single new customer? Most likely not.

Additionally, have you analyzed how much of your profit is derived from your loyal customers?

While you may not have done these calculations, you should understand that your loyal, repeat customers contribute a significant portion of your profits.

Without their patronage, who would fund the marketing and advertising efforts aimed at acquiring new customers?

Personally, I am unlikely to shop at the Sluggish Giant again. Although they have the products I need, I dislike the shopping experience there.

It fails to evoke positive feelings within me, and the staff members do not appreciate me or respect my time.

Even if I were to return for some reason, I could never be considered one of their loyal customers.

It is crucial to note that even if a business offers great products at competitive prices, these advantages can be nullified by poor customer service.

Conversely, my experiences at the Amazing Little Store have left me with a deep sense of satisfaction. The staff members genuinely make me feel welcome and valued.

They create a warm and inviting atmosphere that encourages me to return again and again.

The presence of nine cash desks, each staffed with a cashier, ensures that I never have to endure long waits to complete my purchases.

They prioritize efficiency and respect my time.

The Amazing Little Store has mastered the art of building customer loyalty.

They understand that the lifetime value of a customer is what truly matters in the long run.

It’s not just about making a single sale; it’s about fostering relationships and nurturing repeat business.

This small store has succeeded in earning my loyalty and ensuring that I will continue to shop there as long as I live in the city.

It is worth noting that the perfect combination for business success lies in offering great products, excellent value for the money, and outstanding customer service.

This formula is not rocket science, but it is often overlooked or underestimated.

Apart from providing exceptional service from the outset, businesses must also prioritize personalized assistance when customers encounter problems or have concerns.

It is important to acknowledge that it is impossible to please everyone, and occasional challenges may arise that strain the customer-business relationship.

However, businesses should strive to resolve issues promptly and effectively to maintain customer satisfaction.

While there will always be a small percentage of customers who are impossible to satisfy, it is vital to approach every customer interaction with the belief that they are right.

This mindset fosters a positive and empathetic approach that can turn dissatisfied customers into loyal advocates.

I have learned throughout my career that customer service can make or break a project and a business.

Some businesses may adopt an “anything goes” attitude and tolerate high refund rates, neglecting the importance of good customer relations.

However, I strongly discourage such a model, as it is a slippery slope that can lead to bankruptcy.

True and lasting success in business is built on a foundation of exceptional products complemented by equally exceptional customer service.

While the Sluggish Giant may offer a wide range of products, their failure to prioritize customer satisfaction has left me with a negative perception.

On the other hand, the Amazing Little Store has provided me with a remarkable experience that compels me to continue supporting their business.

In conclusion, the lesson to be learned is clear: the perfect combination for business success is a great product, excellent value for the money, and exceptional customer service.

Anything less simply doesn’t make sense.



Customer service makes or breaks business

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