March 5

Retail Math


You’re probably here because you are interested in learning about retail math. If so, you have definitely come to the right place.

For a lot of people, the phrase ‘retail math’ conjures up horrifying memories from their school days.

Some people really love math and apply themselves seriously. But many people stay as far away from math as possible after they’ve left school.

Even so, if they’re working in retail at any level of management, they realize that retail math is a very important part of operating a retail business.

In every business there is never ending number crunching going on. The analysts have to look at the numbers from every angle to ensure on-going profitability.

A retail store, or group of stores, is no different.

There are many numbers that need to be analyzed regularly to help in managing the day to day business; to aid in decision making on just about everything.

You Don’t Need to Be an Accountant or a Mathematician to Make the Calculations.

Retail math is not difficult. All you need to know is which numbers to use and how to interpret the results.

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are the only functions required.

Retail math is a major component of the background work done before most decisions involving the allocation of resources are made.

For a Full Understanding of What is Going on in Your Retail Business You Need Retail Math Knowledge.

That is where Retail Dojo can help you.

We know Retail Math and we understand how important it is to the success of a retail business. We’ve built options for you.

  • A book – digital.
  • A combination of the book (digital) and the digital file.
    • Combination of Digital Book & Video File Instant Download of Retail Math Made Simple, 5th Edition – Deluxe
  • A webinar – 2 hours of expert instruction.
    • Live, Interactive – Retail Math Presentation – Runs most weeks – Check Dates Here
  • An online workshop – interactive – 6 hours of expert instruction and practice.6 Hours – 2 Three  Hour Sessions –  Check Dates Here
  • An in-person workshop – 2 days of intensive, detailed instruction from our Retail Math expert, individual and group practical exercises. Extensive Q & A. Peer       discussions.

Every one of these options will provide you with a solid understanding of retail math and will give you everything you need to start using retail math with confidence.

You will understand what to measure, how to measure and how to interpret the results you get.

You will learn how to make the calculations and what action to take based on the answers you get.

You’ll learn how to analyze different results and how to take various different results into account before making decisions.

Too often, retailers act on one particular result to the exclusion of others. The outcome is usually not very good.

To get into even more detail about the how and why when it comes to retail math the online and in-person workshops provide further insight into the analysis of the business and the use of various additional tools.