March 7

Retail Standards


Program Outline

Star Introducing the Case Study Store and Setting the Scene

Star Development of Standards and Expectations

Star Why Adherence to Standards is a Critical Success Factor

Star The Effect of Compliance on the Operating Statement

Star Why Some Employees Don’t Meet Standards

Star How to Capitalize on Every Type of Store Visit & Resulting Action Plans

Star Reviewing the SVR from a Productivity Point of View

Star Building the Action Plan

Star 7 Proven Follow up Techniques

Star Creating a Road Map to Excellence in Compliance & Execution

Star Communication

Star Removing Obstacles

Star Scheduling for Wage Cost Compliance and Productivity

Star Effective Scheduling

Star Creating a ‘Happy’ Zero Tolerance Environment

Star Costing Schedule Adjustments

Star Spotting the Red Flags

Star Loss Prevention through Customer Experience Best Practices

Star Shrinkage: External, Internal and Paperwork Errors

Star Awareness of Surroundings – Importance of Positioning

Star 10 Sure Fire Clues to Identify Shoplifters and Internal Theft

Star Safe Actions to Thwart the Thief

 Certificates sent to participants upon completion.

Seminar fee includes presentations, practical exercises and case study, all seminar materials including ‘How to Get the Highest ROI from Store Visits’ digital file.

Who Should Attend: This Seminar is suited to all retail managers, loss prevention staff and operations staff.

Why You Should Attend:

 Practical, applicable and actionable content delivered by top experts in Retail Standards and how to ensure they are properly applied to drive sales, productivity and profitability.

 Value: Apart from acquiring complete knowledge, participants will enjoy a 30-Day unlimited Q&A through email after the workshop (A $1,000 value by itself)